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Are You Down with Over-the-Top TV?

Smart TV blurred in the background, with a remote control in the foreground

As the exponential growth of OTT/Connected TV looks to continue through 2021 and beyond, where does that leave the local advertiser? Connected TVs reach has great value for brands outside of Frito-Lay, GM, or other household names but many small and local businesses don’t believe they should be on TV because they simply cannot compete … Read More

Age is Just a Number

Birthday cake with candles

Is your advertising targeting A 25-54? It’s time to rethink your audience. Age targeting relies on technology to be able to accurately determine what age you are based on a variety of data points. When you place an age requirement, a campaign will filter out anyone it can’t accurately pinpoint, especially with mobile. You risk … Read More

Digital Media Consumption Post-COVID-19


Marketers and digital media buyers are no strangers to the conspicuous and compelling digital trends that came out of the COVID-19 shift in lifestyle and activity. The effects of the pandemic are wide-ranging and complex, but, in marketing terms, the past year made it clear that the consistent increase in CTV/OTT viewing isn’t a trend … Read More

Go Ahead, Track Me!

A cookie on a laptop keyboard

Like any iOS 14.5 user, it’s hard to not look at the prompt and say “of course I don’t want you to track me!” Industry experts estimate that only one in four people choose to allow tracking. Yes, tracking provides a great opportunity for an advertiser — the ability to target ads based on browsing … Read More