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#different is good

Marketers are quick to label millennials and determine how brands should connect with them. This generation is unique in how they consume and engage with media. As we learn more about this group, we understand that different is good. Brands will only be successful in making those connections, if they recognize that this generation is collaborative, tech … Read More

Next in a Series “What’s Up with ChatGPT?”: How it Started

When ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) began development in 2018 by research organization OpenAI, its goal was to use A.I. for good. Prior to ChatGPT, language models were typically trained on limited amounts of text data, inhibiting their ability to understand and generate human-like language. ChatGPT was trained on an extremely large dataset, allowing it to … Read More

Brkthru Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage month is annually celebrated in the United States from September 15th to October 15th. It is during this time we recognize the influence and contributions of Hispanic Americans in culture, history, and achievements for the United States. Hispanic culture is known for close ties with families, as well as rich culinary, musical, … Read More

Brkthru makes the Inc. 5000 list AGAIN!

For the second year in a row, Brkthru has been recognized as one of America’s fastest-growing privately held companies, joining an exclusive group of multi-year honorees.  “We did not set out to pursue honors or awards when we founded Brkthru in 2017,” said Andrew Sklerov, Co-Founder and Managing Director. “Our goal has always been to … Read More

Tapping into the Millennial Market: Effective Advertising in the World of Video Games

In the digital age, video games have emerged as a dominant form of entertainment by captivating millions across the globe. Amongst the enthusiasts of this immersive virtual world are millennials, a generation that grew up alongside the rapid advancements in gaming technology. While some may view their relationship with video games as a mere pastime … Read More

i2k: iOS17 and MacOS Sonoma

What’s happening? iOS17 will automatically remove tracking parameters from links in three areas – Mail, Messages, and Safari in private browsing mode. This new feature is called Advanced Tracking and Fingerprinting Protection. In Settings, it can be manually enabled by the user for All Browsing. Links will remain functional, but unique identifiers will be removed. Nonidentifiable parts will remain intact. Why? … Read More

Made For Advertising Sites ––But are they made for advertisers?

These running shoes are “Made for Running” = made for runners This gaming console  is “Made for Gaming” = made for gamers This smartwatch is “Made for Fitness” = made for Fitness enthusiasts Surely when a website is “Made for Advertising” = made for advertisers, right?   Wrong. Made for Advertising (MFA) websites are developed for … Read More

Brkthru at Vegas Cannabis Conference 2023

If you’re attending Cannabis Conference 2023 August 15-17 at Paris Las Vegas, be on the lookout for members of the Brkthru team who are joining thousands of professionals from plant-touching cannabis businesses from across the U.S., Canada, and nearly 30 other countries.  Brkthru Chief Revenue Officer Tom Connelly, and Directors of Client Success Patty Racener and … Read More

It’s Not You, It’s Meta –– Organic Facebook Reach Continues to Decline

Facebook business administrators, social media managers, content marketers, and other industry insiders are abuzz discussing the losses in organic reach they’ve been experiencing with their Facebook pages. Many companies rely on the reach of their social content to connect with customers –– the lifeblood of their small businesses.  In fact, the outcry from business owners … Read More

Core Value in Action: Contribution

Core Value in Action: Contribution During this week’s Client Success Meeting at Crystal Mountain Resort in Michigan, 40 members of the Brkthru sales, sales development and leadership teams from across the country participated in training, sharing, business updates and planning sessions. As the coaches of our client account teams, the Brkthru Client Success leads are … Read More

Service in Action@Brkthru

Q & A with Anthony McFarlane, VP of Client Success For the next article in our series on Service, we sat down with Brkthru Vice President of Client Success, Anthony McFarlane, who has spent his career on the front lines in day-to-day service to clients.  Anthony, we know Service is THE foundation of Brkthru’s business … Read More

ChatGPT’s Most Immediate Threat to Advertising

As the advertising industry wrestles with the growth of AI and evaluates the use cases and potential dangers, one threat deserves more immediate attention – inventory quality. For years, advertisers have been aware of Made for Advertising (MFA) sites – websites that produce no value, are filled with intrusive ads, and whose sole purpose is … Read More