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#different is good

Marketers are quick to label millennials and determine how brands should connect with them. This generation is unique in how they consume and engage with media. As we learn more about this group, we understand that different is good. Brands will only be successful in making those connections, if they recognize that this generation is collaborative, tech … Read More

Next in a Series “What’s Up with ChatGPT?”: How it Started

When ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) began development in 2018 by research organization OpenAI, its goal was to use A.I. for good. Prior to ChatGPT, language models were typically trained on limited amounts of text data, inhibiting their ability to understand and generate human-like language. ChatGPT was trained on an extremely large dataset, allowing it to … Read More

Detroit Hub Hangout Dinner + Feb. Brkthru U Class = FUN!

Last week, eight members of Brkthru’s Detroit-area hub get-together welcomed 21 new employees in town for their Brkthru U training (we also had a special guest appearance by Eric Best, our Regional Director of Client Success, in from Minnesota). Brkthru Hub Hangouts is another way our more than 160 employees stay connected, by bringing together … Read More

The First BTU Class of 2024 Inaugurates Our Detroit Training Center

The First Brkthru U Class of 2024 Inaugurates Brkthru Detroit Training Center! 21 recent additions Brkthru attended our weeklong Brkthru U classes last week, and it was notable for several reasons: ·     The February Brkthru U class was the first of entirely new employees, having joined in December, January and February. The previous seven classes were … Read More

How will your next cannabis customer find you?

As more and more states move to legalize cannabis in 2024, this could this be the year that your brand takes off. What’s your marketing plan to reach new cannabis customers? Analysts predict the cannabis market around the world will see huge growth in 2024.Consumers are better informed on products available now in the marketplace … Read More

The Digital Juggernaut Continues in 2024

In the world of advertising, 2024 has emerged as a pivotal year marked by a projected ad spending splurge. US Spend for marketing is projected to see a 10.4% boost, with spending in digital advertising leading the way.  An increase in consumer confidence, plus the election and Summer Olympics has brands and businesses upping their … Read More

Bolstering SEM & SEO in the Face of AI

As search engines look to roll out new AI-fueled user experiences, the search world is in a frenzy. But before we dive down the “Search is Dead” rabbit hole, let’s take a step back. At the highest level, the goal of search (paid and organic) has always been to answer a question. Whether it’s “How … Read More

Gen X Makes a Strategic Shift to Digital

There has been a seismic shift to digital media over the past decade and generations including Gen Z and Alpha (digital natives) are fully immersed in all things digital. Older generations, including Gen X, are taking a more selective approach, balancing their long-standing relationship with linear TV and radio with the lure of digital video … Read More

It’s Happening – Everybody Stay Calm! Cookies Sunset for 1%

Following last week’s announcement in which Google took the (reluctantly) anticipated first step in deprecating cookies for 1% of global Chrome users, the immortal ‘Fire Drill’ scene from The Office plays on repeat. “What’s the procedure, everyone? What’s the procedure?” Look, it’s not easy, but we’ve been talking about this since it was a glimmer … Read More

Congratulations December Platinum Performers!

Six members of the Brkthru team were honored as Platinum Performers during our December all-company Town Hall. This time recognition goes to Robert McNair, Dave Dorado, Jordan Barnes, Oscar Labrador, Rosa Munoz and Rachel Collins as those who exhibit the characteristics that embody the Brkthru culture and work ethic. What qualities elevate a Platinum Performer above … Read More

Brkthru U Marks a Learning and Development Milestone

One of our major initiatives for 2023 – employee training – reached its first zenith in December 2023 in which 100% of our 150 employees graduated from Brkthru U. Brkthru U is an immersive, weeklong training program where employees learn about the Brkthru brand, our clients and verticals, departments and processes, and core values, as … Read More

It’s About Service: The Ad Agency Client Retention Problem

Those of us in the marketing and advertising services industry work pretty darned hard at new business. Hunting for prospects. Jumping on leads. Participating in RFPs and pitches. It’s often said that new business is the lifeblood of a successful marketing services partner business because one way or another an agency will lose every one of its … Read More