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30 Days and Counting to GA4

The next generation of Google Analytics is upon us. You may have heard rumblings of GA4 over the past few years and, like many, thought “I have time – I’ll learn it when I have to.” Well, that time is now and we’re here to help you navigate the waters. The latest version of Google’s … Read More

Brkthru West Coast Defines Contribution

Representing Brkthru for our “31 Days of Service,” west coast team members Alefya, Fatema, Zainab, Nafisa and Dave worked tirelessly recently at North Valley Caring Services (NVCS) North Hills on behalf of the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. “On behalf of NVCS North Hills and our network of 600 charitable agency sites throughout Los Angeles … Read More

May: Honoring Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) Month

May is meant to honor Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) heritage. I think about my heritage throughout the year, and the least I can do is highlight Asian American & Pacific Islander heritage during the month of May. I’m Chinese-Taiwanese American; my dad is second-generation Chinese and my mom emigrated from Taiwan to the … Read More

Brkthru in Boston Brings the Caring

The Brkthru crew in Boston dedicated their day of community service by sorting and organizing baby items for Room to Grow, which supports parents, caregivers and families in promoting childhood development,. At Room to Grow they can select baby and toddler items for their children, and connect with other local organizations and community resources that … Read More

Core Values in Action: Caring

10 members of the Brkthru team in Detroit and northwest Ohio dedicated time this week to sort clothing and stock pantry shelves at Capuchin Service Center during our “31 Days of Service” commitment to communities across the country. The Capuchin Services Center assists 228,000 Detroit neighbors annually with emergency food and clothing. The Center features … Read More

Core Value in Action: Positive Attitude

Core Value in Action: Positive Attitude Brkthru Vice President of Analytics Kevin Repine performed his day of community service recently in support of Brkthru’s “31 Days of Service”. This was Kevin’s second year volunteering with Sus Manos Gleaners in Jenison, MI, where he helped process dehydrated apples grown in Michigan.  The apples this year will … Read More

May: Mental Health Awareness Month

Sometimes it just hits you suddenly. It does not matter where you are, who you are with, or what time of day it is. Something just is not right.  All you want is to leave and go home where you can be alone. These thoughts are all consuming and every emotion can be felt. Consuming every … Read More

Keys to 6 Years of Impressive Growth

Impressive numbers, but when Jeff Hastedt and Andrew Sklerov founded Brkthru in May 2017, their vision was a paid digital media company unlike any other and not driven by specific milestones. After decades in the marketing and advertising industry, Jeff and Andrew had experienced first-hand what clients valued most – service. And that’s what they … Read More

Cannabis Spending in Digital Grows, Brking Down Barriers

Cannabis stores have become the modern-day Starbucks with one on every corner in town. While the real estate industry has progressed with the times, the question still lingers like a cloud of smoke, has the advertising world? Typically, the digital media industry leads the way in exploring new approaches to engaging a growing digital audience. When it … Read More

Remembering Mike

My younger brother, Mike Kutilek, would have turned 32 on April 26 had mental illness not taken his life almost three years ago, on May 22nd, 2020. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and in light of his recent birthday, I wanted to share part of our family’s story.  It is a personal story, one … Read More