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What’s the Role of Digital Political Advertising in the 2022 Midterm Election?

Whatever your views and opinions of the political landscape in the United States are, one thing is for sure – there has never been more explosive growth in digital political advertising dollars in our country’s history. Controversy and chaos create interest and with the 2022 midterm elections being held on November 8, there may not … Read More

Ecommerce Tips For Your Business

We’ve all been on a smart device and going about our business –– work emails, paying bills, checking-in on friends, or going down an online rabbit hole (did you know that hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly backwards?) – and an ad appears for something you never knew you needed: an electronic gumball … Read More

The Franchise Bounce-Back

As the reality of the pandemic started to set in, franchise business owners began to quickly pivot, finding ways to continue doing business and to connect with their customers.   Every type of franchise business faced this unforeseen challenge.  Restaurants and QSR chains implemented online ordering and curbside pickup, and many other verticals – from franchised tool … Read More

Brkthru Makes the Inc. 5000!

Making the 2022 list of the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies is an honor for Brkthru. At number 1,843, Brkthru is just about in the top third of the rankings.  What we are most proud of, and most relevant to our clients and employees, is our ranking at #150 in the Advertising and Marketing category (out … Read More

Navigating A Supply Chain Crisis

You’ve seen it at the grocery store. At your local car dealer. Maybe you’re trying to build a new home and can’t get the supplies you need. The supply chain crisis that we’re experiencing touches the lives of every person – marketers included. 2022 has been a year of uncertainty for almost every industry. War … Read More

Jeff Hastedt Speaks at Localogy Place 2022

Brkthru Co-Founder & Managing Director Jeff Hastedt addressed marketers, agencies, media companies, SaaS platforms and franchise organizations from across the globe in New York City this week at Localogy Place 2022. The two-day conference, entitled “The Real-World Metaverse,” explored the intersection of digital and place. Jeff’s session reminded conference attendees that even though our campaigns … Read More

The Netflix Ad-Supported Tier is Taking Shape, and It’s Not What Marketers Expected

A $60 CPM? Out-of-reach minimum $20 million? No ability to select programming? No third-party measurement? As marketers wait with anticipation for news about the Netflix ad-supported offering, some emerging news has marketers, agencies and digital media firms scratching their heads.  The digital media pros at Brkthru are all for new paid digital media advertising opportunities … Read More