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Get Your Marketing in Shape_

Digital Media Tips for the Fitness Industry Ask your coworkers, friends, and family about their goals for 2023. 90% of them will likely say they want to better themselves physically in some way, shape, or form. If you own or manage a gym, health club, or fitness center (or are a marketer for one), the … Read More

B2B Advertising is Big Business: The First in a Series on B2B Marketing

Often overlooked in our marketing and advertising field is the important role of Business-to-Business (B2B) advertising. At $18.47 Billion projected in advertising spending in 2024, it’s time to give B2B its due. The seismic changes triggered by the pandemic also included an accelerated shift in B2B advertising from in-person channels to digital ads, with B2B … Read More

Gen Z: Kicking Brands & Taking Names 

For over a hundred years, brands like Coca Cola have achieved their success by building brand loyalty with their customers using perception-based aspects, such as company image and customer experience. When a customer becomes brand loyal, they often believe that no other company can provide a higher quality product. In Coca Cola’s case, they have … Read More

The Super Bowl’s Ad Value to SMBs

When we think about advertising and the Super Bowl, the number one association we make is with linear TV and a 30 second ad spot that costs upward of $8 million. I would punt on that. Let me explain. You can make a splash in a 30 second Super Bowl spot, if executed correctly. But … Read More

How Brands Can Honor Martin Luther King’s Legacy

As an admirer of Martin Luther King Jr., I find it more difficult each year to honor his legacy on his recognized federal holiday. I’m no longer in a school setting where we had projects surrounding his works and speeches; or anticipated watching “Our Friend, Martin”. I’m now an adult who has no children to … Read More

Have a Prediction for 2023?

What marketing, advertising, media and digital media trends to you see for 2023 when you gaze into your crystal ball? Share with us at Brkthru, we’ll publish the best of the best, and then revisit at the end of 2023. We’ll profile the most accurate visionary and their prediction for each category here on LinkedIn, … Read More