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Meta’s Attempts at Revenue Reconciliation

In the second quarter, Meta posted its first-ever YoY revenue decline with the average price per ad on the platform decreasing 14%. Early forecasts for Meta’s worldwide ad revenue was around $130 billion for 2022, but as we near year-end, that prediction is looking very unlikely. In response to disappointing Q2 and Q3 results, Meta … Read More

It’s the Strategy, Stupid!

Forgive the aggressive title, but I need your attention. Our job at Brkthru is to do our best to enhance our agency partners’ relationships with their end clients. Great products, on-time and accurate reporting, campaign optimizations and results are extremely important, but what clients really look for from their advertising agencies is strategy! A new study … Read More

Surprising Resurgences: Out-of-Home and QR Codes

Who could have imagined a few years ago that Out-of-Home and the once-maligned QR Code would rise again as viable marketing tools post-pandemic. Increased vaccine rates helped much of the world reopen and begin to venture out of their homes, we adapted to fewer “hands on” information sources, and marketers shifted how they reach key … Read More

Class in Session: Brkthru U Kicks Off in Norfolk

The inaugural class of Brkthru U took place December 5-9 in Norfolk, VA, as our week-long, immersive training program for new team members to learn the Brkthru Mission, Values, Brand, Culture and Operations – the Brkthru Way. Brkthru U, led by Director of Learning & Development Courtney Jones, facilitators Jennifer Bird, Zoe Matthews and Shawn … Read More

2023 Digital Marketing Forecast_ Sunny with a Chance of Storms

Some may say events of the past two years in digital marketing could be characterized as cataclysmic. Together as an industry, we’ve worked to take shelter, secure the windows, prepare our readiness kits, and bolster our communication plans. But what fronts are moving across the marketing Doppler as we look to 2023? More than we … Read More