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As Netflix Beats Q3 Expectations, Apple Also Considers Ad-Supported Video

As advertisers await the launch of the streaming giant’s highly anticipated ads-supported tier this week, Netflix is boasting some strong numbers in its quarterly earnings report this month. The platform was expected to add one million subscribers in Q3. Instead, the company gained 2.41 million new subscriptions – more than doubling expectations for new customers … Read More

Apple Takes Bites at Ad Dollars

Apple has been making a slow, but not so subtle move into the ad industry over the past year. When Apple released iOS 14.5 in April 2021, their App Tracking Transparency (ATT) feature rattled the industry as iPhone users began opting out of tracking across other apps and websites. What Apple deems a privacy-centered move … Read More

New Format, Who Dis?

Google announced they are changing the format of their search ads on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Say “so long” to the ads label and get ready for the new sponsored label at the top left of the ads. But wait…there’s more! Google wants to also add the business name and logo to the … Read More

Brkthru the Uncertainty –– Advertising in the Face of Recession 

This may sound biased coming from a decade-long marketer, but here is why you should continue strategically marketing during a recession.  During times of recession, many advertisers tend to decrease marketing budgets and consumers become more strict with their spending. As sales begin to drop, businesses will often cut costs, drop prices, and put new … Read More

Digital Out-of-Home: A Shining Beacon Post-Pandemic

The rebound continues! Like many businesses, out-of-home advertising overall took a hit during the pandemic as many consumers sheltered at home and restricted their travel. 2022 continues to show a bounce back with out-of-home advertising, but the rising star is digital out-of-home (DOOH) ushering in a new normal. Consumers are reemerging, traveling, attending events, and … Read More

NFL 2022: Major Plays On and Off the Field

The NFL business model for decades relied on simplicity to reach the most fans. For Sunday games, football sports fans could just flip on Fox or CBS. Today there are no fewer than 20 ways to watch or listen to NFL games – 16 via streaming, cable or broadcast TV; three streaming or terrestrial radio … Read More

Political 2022 Update:

Slower Ad Market as the Finish Line Nears With the last month of the political ad spending cycle in full force, several recent announcements have made planning those final dollars even more important as we approach the last few weeks. Restrictions announced recently on political advertising by Facebook’s parent META and on political fundraising by … Read More

Marketers: Let’s Reflect Hispanic Lives as Multifaceted, Creative and Diverse

As a Latina working in the digital advertising space, I share many of the author’s sentiments in this AdAge article. It’s important to me that my community is fairly represented and that Hispanic Heritage Month is seen as an opportunity to showcase our diversity and success. At Brkthru, we know one size does not fit … Read More