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The Growing Power of Online Video Advertising

Online video has emerged as a key channel for marketers, changing the way brands reach and engage with their audiences. Online Video (OLV) inventory refers to any digital video content that is not on a social media platform (social video) or a streaming service (CTV/OTT). A popular OLV channel is YouTube, but a channel is … Read More

Brkthru Media Team Meets in Texas

The talented 34-member media team at Brkthru – media traders, SEM specialists and media operations specialists – gave it their all during the recent media offsite in Frisco, TX. The two-day meeting of training, process and campaign optimization was planned as a journey through a campaign lifecycle. Looks like they also had time for some … Read More

It’s not lip service, it’s Brkthru service. 

Consumers today have endless choices. They have social media and influencers to share product reviews. They expect a client experience of consistency, responsiveness, and customization. In return, they give fierce loyalty. That’s the reason so many big brands claim service as their specialty.  In the era of Amazon, Nordstrom stands out because their customers know … Read More

#different is good

Marketers are quick to label millennials and determine how brands should connect with them. This generation is unique in how they consume and engage with media. As we learn more about this group, we understand that different is good. Brands will only be successful in making those connections, if they recognize that this generation is collaborative, tech … Read More

Pride in Our People, Pride in Our Work

Kicking off June, we have a lot to celebrate – school is out, summer has arrived and its Pride month! Pride month gives an opportunity to reflect on the first half of the year, realign commitments, and consider the progress we have made and still need to make in the LGBTQIA+ community.  I was very … Read More

Brkthru Tampa Goes All In for Animals!

As part of the “31 Days of Service” commitment to communities across the country, members of the Brkthru Tampa crew volunteered at the Tampa Bay Humane Society (HSTB). The team helped care for, played with and took animals out for walks. The HSTB is a non-profit organization that provides shelter for homeless &and at-risk animals, … Read More

Thank you for Caring, Hampton Roads Team

Nine of our Brkthru members from Hampton Roads, VA, teamed up with the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore in their effort to eliminate hunger in their community. The Community Feed is a market, a food hub, a community investment—offering meals to individuals suffering with food insecurity. In honor of Brkthru’s  “31 Days … Read More

30 Days and Counting to GA4

The next generation of Google Analytics is upon us. You may have heard rumblings of GA4 over the past few years and, like many, thought “I have time – I’ll learn it when I have to.” Well, that time is now and we’re here to help you navigate the waters. The latest version of Google’s … Read More

Brkthru West Coast Defines Contribution

Representing Brkthru for our “31 Days of Service,” west coast team members Alefya, Fatema, Zainab, Nafisa and Dave worked tirelessly recently at North Valley Caring Services (NVCS) North Hills on behalf of the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. “On behalf of NVCS North Hills and our network of 600 charitable agency sites throughout Los Angeles … Read More

May: Honoring Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) Month

May is meant to honor Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) heritage. I think about my heritage throughout the year, and the least I can do is highlight Asian American & Pacific Islander heritage during the month of May. I’m Chinese-Taiwanese American; my dad is second-generation Chinese and my mom emigrated from Taiwan to the … Read More