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The Power Behind Creative Messaging

In the last 20 years, as technology and digital advertising have evolved it has become vital to choose your creative messaging wisely. When running a Facebook campaign, you only have 125 characters to get your message across, and for a Native campaign, you only have 90 characters. With Display, Audio, and Pre-Roll campaigns also having … Read More

Supply Path Optimization: A Media Buyer’s Perspective

It’s Monday evening and you decide to run by the grocery store. Four different grocery chains line your route. All sell bananas, milk, and the Rice Krispies cereal you devour every morning. Do you stop by all stores to purchase each item individually, or do you take a streamlined approach visit only one preferred store? … Read More

Don’t Forget Audio

Companies looking to boost brand recognition have utilized video and audio for decades. While the mediums these advertisements have been served through have changed over the years, their importance remains the same. Internet streaming video habits have received a lot of attention during the pandemic, as consumers have spent more time than ever engaging with … Read More

Caring as a Core Value

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy plants and that's pretty much the same thing

One of BrkThru’s Core Values is Caring. We provide the highest quality service to our clients because we Care – about their business, about meeting their goals, and about their success. This level of BrkThru service isn’t limited to our clients. We apply the same level of attention to our employees. Why? – because we … Read More

Data Doesn’t TELL You What to Do

A man staring at a whiteboard

One of the greatest fallacies I hear in our industry centers around the role data plays in decision making. The myth is that by collecting and reviewing data, it will tell your teams what the next steps should be. The truth is that the right data can provide answers to your team members and decision … Read More