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Reconsidering Millennials and Brand Loyalty

Millennials… I used to consider the term placed upon my generation as a derogatory or negative stereotype, I’ve since found pride in the fact that we’re making our claim on the economy – and research even shows that Millennials have been studied by brands and marketers more than any other previous generation.* The rise of … Read More

Core Value: Caring

Brkthru’s Philly crew kicked-off our annual 31 Days of Service, a month-long event in which Brkthru employees give back to their local communities. Our Philadelphia-based colleagues were honored to spend time with Cradles to Crayons, an organization founded to #EndClothingInsecurity by providing clothing, shoes, diapers and school supplies to homeless or low-income families with children from birth to … Read More

Clients Score Brkthru Once Again +90% in Service

We’re not surprised, Brkthru was founded on Service. In our fourth annual Client Satisfaction Survey, more than 9 out of 10 of clients scored Brkthru “Very Satisfied to Extremely Satisfied” in overall service. In an industry where 40% of clients say they’re likely to fire their agency partner within 6 months (AdAge 11/22), Brkthru bucks that … Read More

GA4: What’s the Diff?

One of the biggest changes in GA4 is the way it tracks user behavior. Instead of using cookies to track website visits, GA4 uses a combination of machine learning and  user-centric data models to track user behavior across multiple devices and platforms. This allows advertisers to gain a more complete picture of how their customers  interact with their website, … Read More

Much ado about nothing? Google Ads’ new CTV updates might not be that big of a deal.

When Google’s Display & Video 360 recently introduced new features to more easily plan, buy and measure CTV campaigns, I reached out to our Supervisor of Bidding and Inventory, Parker Wheat, to see how this might affect our work for clients.  Turns out the impact is nil thanks to our focus on Service, not tech. … Read More

The (Messy) State of Social

Think about this: 80% of the world’s internet users are on social media according to eMarketer. That’s a lot of posts, likes, swipes, filters, emojis, influencers, and online sales! While the number of social channels has grown and users continue to engage, these platforms are struggling against the strong headwinds of an uncertain economy, data … Read More

When it Comes to College, Gen Z is One Tough Customer

Let’s start with the fact that today fewer people are going to college than in recent years.  This has higher ed institutions scrambling with how to manage lost revenue, a reduced offering of classes and other amenities that draw in students. Those students are largely made up of Generation Z. Next, let’s acknowledge that Gen … Read More

Clients Score Brkthru Once Again 9/10 in Service

Clients Score Brkthru Once Again 9/10 in Service We’re not surprised, because Brkthru was founded on Service.  In our recent fourth annual Client Satisfaction Survey, more than 90% of our clients scored Brkthru Very Satisfied to Extremely Satisfied in overall service to their business. The online survey was conducted among 150 active clients around 21 areas … Read More

Think You Know Today’s B2B Decision Makers and How to Reach Them?? Think Again. 

In this second in our series on the Business-to-Business category, we gauge the seismic shifts in who makes B2B decisions, their journey and where they go for information. If you are a marketer or agency tasked with promoting a product or service before it gets to the end user, hold on. You’re in for a … Read More

CTV — Is it Right for Me?

The gravitational pull of Connected Television (CTV) is undeniable. U.S. adults will dedicate nearly two hours each day to CTV devices in 2023 – a time investment that has doubled in four short years. In fact, time spent with digital video on all internet-connected devices (CTV, mobile, desktop/laptop) will exceed that of traditional TV, which … Read More