Advertisers: Be Authentically Proud Year-Round

How can you better reach the LGBTQ+ market during Pride and every month, and be even more genuine and authentic? Hear from two well-known and respected leaders in media and LGBTQ market:

Jeff Hastedt, Brkthru Co-Founder & Managing Director and Todd Evans, President & CEO, Rivendell Media discuss brands that have gotten it right, and a few that could do a better job. A few thoughts:

  • Show your brand’s support year-round. Don’t just change your logo to a multi-colored background for a month as an easy marketing ploy.
  • Make a charitable donation. Give to a relevant organization or good cause that helps to provide resources, supports or helps to the gay or LGBTQ community.
  • ​Avoid “rainbow washing.” And if your company makes a mistake, own up to it and apologize.
  • Foster an environment in your own company where everyone can be their authentic selves every day.

Brands that acknowledge and respect LGBTQ+ demand will be ready to claim greater market share.

If you are an advertisers or marketer interested in showing your support this Pride and every month, reach out to us Brkthru. We’ve successfully managed hundreds of digital advertising campaigns reaching the LGBTQ+ community. And, along with partners like Rivendell Media – with more than 40 years of experience representing 95% of LGBTQ media – we work with advertisers and agencies to reach LGBTQ community every day.

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