It’s not lip service, it’s Brkthru service. 

Consumers today have endless choices. They have social media and influencers to share product reviews. They expect a client experience of consistency, responsiveness, and customization. In return, they give fierce loyalty. That’s the reason so many big brands claim service as their specialty. 

In the era of Amazon, Nordstrom stands out because their customers know their standard of customer service means finding a way to say ‘yes’. About 120 years ago,a man looking to return a tire, mistakenly went into Nordstrom, thinking it was a tire shop. Instead of turning the customer away, Nordstrom accepted the tire return and “refunded” the money, despite not selling any tires! That mentality of finding a way to say ‘yes’ remains today and is why Nordstrom still thrives in a highly competitive environment.  

Like Nordstrom, the Disney parks have created an outstanding customer experience with the famous “Disney magic” for their visitors to experience. (Yes, in addition to the crowds.) Disney employees, referred to as cast members, undergo intense training on customer service to maintain this magical standard. They are trained to look for opportunities to sprinkle ‘pixie dust’ to exceed a guest’s expectations. No matter what role they have, they will help a guest in need, and ‘no’ is almost exclusively banned from their vocabulary. Disney’s high standard of service is well documented in books and training programs, and why they truly are the place “Where Dreams Come True”. 

Our mission at Brkthru is simple. We want to be our clients’ favorite partner. Brkthru was founded on a rebellious spirit to go against the grain of tech jargon and minimums –– to humanize a technical, dynamic industry and build success by building relationships. Much like Nordstrom and Disney, we are wired to start with ’yes’. Our passion for service starts with listening to our clients to understand their needs. Instead of waiting for an opportunity to push a product, we want to first listen and then tailor a solution to them. 

While our mission is a simple concept, it’s unarguably much harder to execute. It’s easier to have rules that dictate the conversations. It’s easier to learn one platform and run everything the same way. It’s harder to customize solutions every day, maintain a high level of responsiveness, and drive results for a wide variety of needs. We choose the harder work because of our commitment to service.    

If you want to work with a partner who’s ready to climb any mountain, we can meet you on the other side. No journey is too far, no ask too complicated. Reach out and let’s talk.

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