The Super Bowl’s Ad Value to SMBs

When we think about advertising and the Super Bowl, the number one association we make is with linear TV and a 30 second ad spot that costs upward of $8 million. I would punt on that. Let me explain.

You can make a splash in a 30 second Super Bowl spot, if executed correctly. But you’ll pay a small fortune to production, talent, and the buy itself. But the 30-second Super Bowl spot doesn’t build anything. It happens, and then it’s gone. Try to recall more than three commercials from last year’s Super Bowl. See?

What Super Bowl ads don’t account for is the experience leading up to the game. You’re gathering with family, friends, spending time at the grocery store getting ingredients for a killer buffalo chicken dip, or trying to find a bar with enough space for your crew.

That’s an opportunity for marketers of all sizes, no matter the budget.

According to the National Retail Federation, the average American will spend around $80 on their Super Bowl experience. Those ages 35-44 will spend up to $120. A failed (or soon to fail) Crypto exchange that buys a spot during the game isn’t going to get a shot at those dollars, but you can. Furthermore, only 40% of folks care about the game itself. It’s about the experience.

Small and medium-sized businesses can get in the game through a variety of tactics: 

  • Contextually target Super Bowl related content
  • Use PMPs to reach people planning for the game on high quality publications
  • Leverage your CRM list and build lookalike audiences to serve creative that speaks to how you can make their game day an experience to remember
  • Run a digital-out-of-home ad at the checkout at the grocery store.

Looking for more? Get in touch to learn how you can take a budget of any size to get your shot at that $80. Your brand can build a relationship with a client that lasts longer than 30 seconds. 

No one needs $8 million to play this game.

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