Get Your Marketing in Shape_

Digital Media Tips for the Fitness Industry

Ask your coworkers, friends, and family about their goals for 2023. 90% of them will likely say they want to better themselves physically in some way, shape, or form. If you own or manage a gym, health club, or fitness center (or are a marketer for one), the first few months of the year is a particularly exciting time. However, it’s not without challenges. While a palpable demand exists for your business, you must ensure you’re visible to those seeking membership. This diverse group takes different paths, and has different timelines, for finding their fitness home.

Some prospective members are highly motivated, starting their search with Google and focusing on the fitness centers returned at the top of their results. Others may require subtle, but frequent reminders to take the first step towards their health journey. They may see ads while scrolling social media; seek advice from peers or check reviews on social media; view ads before, during, or after a YouTube video; glimpse a display ad while reading an article; watch an ad while streaming TV; or catch a digital out of home ad while out and about, at the grocery store, or spa. All of these can be targeted with precision to the radius more likely to draw your membership base.

While many health club owners expect a high influx of new members at the beginning of the year, marketing efforts should be sustained year-round. A look at last year’s Google search volume showed sharp increases in related search activity during March and April. This likely represents a group of prospective gym-goers that want to get in shape for summer, or those that feel gyms are too crowded in January. There’s another spike in search volume starting at the end of August and peaking at the end of September. This audience could be preparing for the return to routine and discipline following the more indulgent summer months of vacations and barbeques.

It’s paramount for gym owners to not only understand their many audiences, but also have a plan in place to market to them year-round, as efficiently as possible. Your investment can fluctuate by time of year to capitalize on these peak opportunities. Further, it needn’t break the bank. Typically, gyms and health clubs allocate 1.1% of their retail sales towards advertising and marketing. 

Should you decide to invest in growing your membership, ensure your marketing partner is maintaining a watchful eye on your campaign 24/7, not just at contract renewal time. Hold them accountable to results that matter to you. Conversations should be centered on how many new members joined your gym last month, not solely based on metrics like impressions and clicks.

At Brkthru, our goal is to maintain the health of your investment. We make it work, no matter your budget. If you’d like to put your gym’s digital marketing through the paces, reach out – we’re warmed up and ready.