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Ads on Netflix and Disney+? Bring ‘em on, healthcare marketers (and Brkthru) say.

Brkthru COO Jonathan Mellinger shares with healthcare marketing publication MM+M (Medical Marketing and Media) his perspective on the impact and opportunities as Netflix explores ad-tiering options to alleviate revenue shortfalls. It’s relevant insight not just in healthcare marketing, but all verticals. More options for viewers and advertisers is always a good thing!

Travelers are Ready to Go Again! Are You? 

Whether to a favorite vacation spot or an exciting, new destination, we love to travel. Travel that was on the backburner due to unprecedented times is now moving back to the forefront. When looking at a survey conducted by Statista in 2022, we noted that compared to 2019 more than 33% of travelers spent less … Read More

Brkthru Overall Client Satisfaction Increases to 92%

It’s startling to read that according to Forbes, businesses lose $338.5 billion every year due to bad customer service. Customers with positive experiences talk about it with seven people on average. However, customers with negative experiences share with an average of 12 people. Ouch! Client turnover is high in the advertising business (the average tenure … Read More

Monday April 11 is National Pet Day!

Americans are Spending More Than Ever on Pet Care (and we know how to reach them) This National Pet Day let’s paws for a meowment to reflect on the pet industry. Not just because we’re pet people (and have our own website barkthru.com dedicated solely to our love of pets), but because the pet industry … Read More

Home Remodeling, Repair & Maintenance Media Tactics to Keep Handy

As we move into Spring, consumers are looking to make seasonal changes, upgrades, and repairs to their homes and properties. In a space where general contractors, remodelers and handymen can be effortlessly contacted through apps like Thumbtack, competition for these customers can be intense and expensive. Q2 and Q4 are make-or-break and high sales-seasons for … Read More

The Power of Analytics at Brkthru

It’s often recently reported that 75% of marketing organizations in the United States DO NOT have an analyst on staff – and that includes ad agencies, media agencies and corporate marketing departments At Brkthru, on the other hand, our Data & Analytics team works closely with every client and every campaign. Why is this so … Read More

Here’s What the Move of Major League Sports  to Streaming Means to Advertisers

Recent news of the Apple TV+ exclusive deal with Major League Baseball to air Friday night games on its streaming platform is another example of how Americans continue to move from traditional forms of media (broadcast and cable TV, and terrestrial radio) to follow sports via digital. Apple jumps into major league sports with Amazon, … Read More

POV: What’s the Meta with You, Facebook!?

Unpacking the Latest Changes in Its Digital Advertising Ecosystem The mere mention of the word Facebook, now Meta, often elicits an emotional response among many of us. And rightfully so. Scandals abound in every direction – privacy violations, proliferation of disinformation, content moderation troubles, accusations of anticompetitive behavior, political manipulation, and deleterious mental health concerns … Read More

Our Top 5 Digital Trends for 2022

Critical changes in digital media are tied directly to privacy, the future of TV, digital out-of-home, streaming audio, and social media shifts. You may feel like you’re up to speed, but the digital landscape is constantly changing. Here’s what to expect. Privacy isn’t Slowing Down. Anticipate everything from Meta removing detailed targeting, Mobile App privacy … Read More