Jeff Hastedt Speaks at Localogy Place 2022

Brkthru Co-Founder & Managing Director Jeff Hastedt addressed marketers, agencies, media companies, SaaS platforms and franchise organizations from across the globe in New York City this week at Localogy Place 2022.

The two-day conference, entitled “The Real-World Metaverse,” explored the intersection of digital and place. Jeff’s session reminded conference attendees that even though our campaigns reach consumers through paid digital advertising on devices,our goal is to always get humans to act.

“We use digital advertising to get shoppers to a store and buy, students to tour a college, apply and enroll, travelers to take a trip and visit an attraction, players to take a chance on the lottery, patients to go to the dentist and homeowners to get their leaky roof replaced,” Jeff said.

Jeff also shared how Brkthru does that in a dynamic digital media landscape. How? We like to say “we’re all ears. ” We listen (and watch) for constantly changing trends in media consumption habits on behalf of our clients’ digital media campaigns.

Left to right: Jeff Hastedt, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Brkthru; Bill Dinan, President of Localogy, and Annisa Teich, Founder of The Small Business Collective.

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