On the Road: Brkthru @ NESHCo 2024

The New England Society for Healthcare Communications (NESHCo) Annual Conference was held recently in Newport, RI. It is New England’s premier professional society for healthcare communications, public relations, marketing, advertising and public affairs. Brkthru was grateful to be an exhibiting sponsor, and to connect with some of the brightest minds in healthcare marketing, sharing our extensive experience managing digital media campaigns for healthcare systems, hospitals and providers.

Representing Brkthru were Chief Revenue Officer Tom Connelly, and Directors of Client Success Cari Galle and Kelly Alberico.

The three-day event covered a wide variety of important healthcare industry topics such as balancing patient care and company culture, crafting compelling narratives, scaling content creation, and branding through storytelling.

The hottest topic hands down was Artificial Intelligence. Nearly every  attendee mentioned how it is or will affect their business. The consensus: healthcare marketers need to learn how to use AI to enhance productivity, but not take away from the human touch that must exist in healthcare.

There was also time for networking, including a sunset boat cruise around the bay and breakout sessions hosted by event sponsors.

Tom Connelly took the stage to share more about Brkthru’s healthcare marketing experience and to introduce one of the conference keynote speakers.

It is clear there is a significant effort to make healthcare marketing more relatable, responsible and equitable. Many of the winning content at this year’s NESHco Lamplighter Awards moved the audience to tears. There were those who took on harder-hitting subjects such as violence in healthcare, and availability of care to underserved Trans and HIV positive communities. The conference endeavored to examine what the future holds, strategies for managing limitations and creating solutions for moving forward.

Understanding digital channels in healthcare marketing is increasingly important and Brkthru was fortunate enough to be a “go to” at the conference to discuss best practices for both B2B and B2C sectors in digital healthcare marketing. If you’d like to learn more about emerging trends in healthcare marketing and deploying digital media to reach patients, caregivers and providers, reach out to us info@brkthru.com.