The Art in Analytics: Data & Tools Do Not Replace People

Many organizations love to tout their shiny objects and solutions that guarantee success and wild profit. Once you have been promised the world and sign on the line, the realization sets in that you may have missed some fine print on how successful that tool would make you. 

This is a story we often hear from clients and their past digital media partners.  It is easy to be lured in by those solutions, but the truth is that if they worked that well, they would not be shared. 

At Brkthru, we know that true success does not rely on shiny objects and false promises, but instead a well experienced and equipped team. Where tools and data do shine, is in the hands of veterans who have the experience to use those tools to their fullest. There are no tricks or data guru magic, just experienced talent using the information they need to make the best decisions for campaigns. Decisions that guide trader instincts and experience to ensure the campaign performs better than it did yesterday.  

Brkthru uses a combination of external and internal tools that ensure our campaigns are above standards set by the industry. This includes custom-built, proprietary products that monitor performance and highlight improvement opportunities. 

One such tool developed by Brkthru are our Trader Workbooks. These are customized Tableau resources that each trader receives and is trained on when they start at Brkthru. These books provide all the data and visualizations needed by the trader to run their campaigns effectively. This tool ensures that we are buying high quality impressions that have not been daisy chained repeatedly (driving up the CPM unnecessarily!). This is one small example of the attention and dedication to quality that each campaign receives. In an expert trader’s hands, this type of tool is the difference between a campaign that succeeds and a campaign not meeting objectives. 

Another tool used by our QA team monitors all our conversion pixels placed across our client’s websites. While our Account Managers, Traders and Analysts all are measuring and optimizing conversions daily, it also helps to have some extra machine support watching for website changes or the myriad of technical issues that can arise. 

The below screenshot shows an alert provided to an internal team that a conversion pixel needed to be investigated as it saw an uncharacteristic drop. This clues our internal teams to dig in and work with our clients to help fix the tracking. These types of issues demonstrate the common difficulties with reporting and showing the true effectiveness of the media campaign. This type of automated oversight combined with our human attentiveness helps ensure smooth campaigns and rapid responses to any technical speed bumps that pop up.

While organizations may rely solely on shiny objects to sell their products, Brkthru has perfected the balance of hiring talented individuals and equipping them with the tools they need to execute client campaigns to the fullest. 

When companies come knocking with their “proprietary technology” that will solve all your problems, remember that only experts with the right tools tailored to your business’s needs will be able to deliver that. We know one size does not fit all so reach out and let’s discuss your specific goals.

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