New Format, Who Dis?

Google announced they are changing the format of their search ads on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Say “so long” to the ads label and get ready for the new sponsored label at the top left of the ads.

But wait…there’s more! Google wants to also add the business name and logo to the search ad. The ads still show the URL and informational text, but the redesigned format will help searchers more clearly recognize the business that is sponsoring the ad. This is also Google’s attempt to find ways to help users distinguish search ads from organic results.

There are specific eligibility requirements that must be met within individual accounts. These requirements are related to the age of the account (at least 90 days), policy compliance, 28 days of spend on active ads, non-sensitive verticals, and having completed Google’s Advertiser Verification Program. If all requirements are met, this allows Google the authority to automatically crawl the landing page of the ad to capture the logo and business name for the new, updated format.

This update is currently rolled out to mobile ads only. Desktop updates are pending with an unconfirmed rollout date in the future.

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