Caring as a Core Value

One of BrkThru’s Core Values is Caring. We provide the highest quality service to our clients because we Care – about their business, about meeting their goals, and about their success. This level of BrkThru service isn’t limited to our clients. We apply the same level of attention to our employees. Why? – because we Care. I’ve witnessed this firsthand for over three years now, before our Core Values were scribed in stone, because it was the nature of BrkThru Leadership. Appreciation & recognition have always been emphasized and one way I’ve received this is in the form of work anniversary gifts. 

Brkthru doesn’t give you cheap desk clutter with a sticky note as a work anniversary gift – no, we go big. We respect that interests, hobbies, and objects that spark gratification are unique to the individual – the gifts they receive should express that. To add a personal touch to gifts, BrkThru asked us which memento best suits us. Some of us enjoy bottle of Cab Sav as much as anyone, but we have a large population of plant lovers, flower fanatics *raises hand*, and snack enthusiasts among us too. I’m proud to work for an inclusive company that recognizes our originality in such a tangible way.