How is Frequency Capping Impacted by the iOS 14 Update and Cookie Depreciation?

With the eventual if ever rollout of iOS 14, app-level frequency capping will be harder to achieve and limiting the number of times an ad is shown to an individual will be challenging, pending an IAB solution. Where log-in data is available, like Facebook or Google, Apple has made it clear that non-IDFA attempts to identify users are also banned without consent. Therefore, frequency capping on these platforms will also be hampered.

How can you prepare for the future?

There are potential workarounds, like IP addresses, that can be leveraged. SSPs and exchanges may also provide identifiers for this purpose. We also anticipate more change when Chrome fully kills cookies and potentially follows Apple’s lead by killing the Android Advertising ID (AAID).

As a result, you should create alignment with key stakeholders on your strategy and essential business metrics. Ad fatigue is expected to set in quicker, in terms of time, rather than the number of impressions.

At BrkThru, we are hopeful that the industry can come together to determine a consumer-privacy-centric solution that enables a cohesive environment for ad-support content creation and user experience.