Don’t Forget Audio

Companies looking to boost brand recognition have utilized video and audio for decades. While the mediums these advertisements have been served through have changed over the years, their importance remains the same. Internet streaming video habits have received a lot of attention during the pandemic, as consumers have spent more time than ever engaging with video online. Under the surface, digital audio usage has also increased during the pandemic, and it’s not letting up.

Per eMarketer projections, there will be an average of 193.4 million weekly digital audio listeners in 2021. This number is projected to increase to 207.2 million by 2025.* Digital audio is projected to account for 10.9% of all media consumption among adults 18+ this year and is projected to match total terrestrial radio consumption by 2022 (11.4%). With an average of an hour and 20 minutes of daily streaming projected for audio streamers 18+ in 2021, there is ample time to capture your customers’ attention.**

If your goal is to increase awareness for your brand or product, audio can be just as effective as video. Recent trends and forecasts point to both mediums being key components to an effective brand awareness campaign well into the future.