The First BTU Class of 2024 Inaugurates Our Detroit Training Center

The First Brkthru U Class of 2024 Inaugurates Brkthru Detroit Training Center!

21 recent additions Brkthru attended our weeklong Brkthru U classes last week, and it was notable for several reasons:

·     The February Brkthru U class was the first of entirely new employees, having joined in December, January and February. The previous seven classes were a combination of veterans and new employees.
·     This was our eighth class, and the first of four scheduled for 2024.
·     It was the first class to bel held in our new Detroit Training Center, a 7,000-square foot space located in Southfield, MI, featuring two large classrooms, conference rooms, offices and large space that’s flexible to accommodate smaller meetings, socializing and interactive energizers.
·     The Brkthru learning center will be the location for Brkthru U, department and team meetings throughout the year.

Brkthru U is an immersive five-day training program during which employees learn about the Brkthru brand, our clients and verticals, departments and processes, and core values, as well as hear about the vision that co-founders Andrew Sklerov and Jeff Hastedt, had for Brkthru six years ago.

“Andrew and Jeff realized we all bring habits and experiences with us to a new job, and wanted to make sure we teach our people how to deliver platinum service to all of our clients, and truly understand how to live and breathe our core values,” said Senior Vice President of Organizational Management Jennifer Bird.

As a company that competitive advantage is service, aligning all employees to the Ethos of Yes ensures Brkthru continues to receive a greater-than-90% overall satisfaction score from our clients.

If you’re a digital media pro who might be curious about a company that invests time and resources to onboarding and training, swing on over to our careers page to check out the open positions:

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