How will your next cannabis customer find you?

As more and more states move to legalize cannabis in 2024, this could this be the year that your brand takes off. What’s your marketing plan to reach new cannabis customers?

Analysts predict the cannabis market around the world will see huge growth in 2024.
Consumers are better informed on products available now in the marketplace and will have important input on the types of products they want developed … i.e. customization.

As election season heats up, there will be a lot of noise around cannabis legislation.  

Four states- Florida, Idaho, Nebraska and South Dakota currently have campaigns to put legalization on the ballot in November.

Additional states considering medical or recreational use in 2024 include Hawaii, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, North Carolina, South Carolina and Wisconsin.  California and Massachusetts could consider psychedelics legalization in 2024.  

According to Cannabis Business Times, more than 52% of U.S. residents now live in a state where adult-use cannabis is legal, after Ohio became the 24th state to pass legalization in 2023.  That means 52% of U.S. adult residents are up for grabs and have the potential to be your customer.  

But how are these adults finding your brand or location?

As if it’s not confusing enough what’s legal where, the laws surrounding the advertising of cannabis, CBD and their related businesses are muddy at best.  It’s important for your business to stand out and separate yourself from your competitors.  That’s when it’s time to turn to an agency that does the work for you…. while you run your business.

Brkthru has managed hundreds of digital media campaigns for cannabis and CBD brands across the United States. Private Marketplace deals (PMPs) allow us to programmatically serve ads on publisher sites that allow cannabis advertising. We know the rules and regulations on cannabis creative and can help you navigate advertising regulations across every state where your business lives.

More importantly, we know the digital tactics that can drive results and meet your customers at every stage of the purchase funnel.  

Let 2024 be the year you focus on your business and Brkthru focuses on your cannabis marketing game plan.

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