Clients Score Brkthru Once Again 9/10 in Service

Clients Score Brkthru Once Again 9/10 in Service

We’re not surprised, because Brkthru was founded on Service.  In our recent fourth annual Client Satisfaction Survey, more than 90% of our clients scored Brkthru Very Satisfied to Extremely Satisfied in overall service to their business.

The online survey was conducted among 150 active clients around 21 areas important to them – including overall service, responsiveness, digital media expertise, strategic thinking and knowledge of their business.

In an industry where now nearly 40% of clients say they’re likely to fire their agency partner within six months (AdAge, November 2022), Brkthru bucks that trend as 43% are likely to spend more, and 93% are likely to recommend Brkthru.

To further explain why this business model based on service works for Brkthru, we spent time with Tom Connelly, the Brkthru Chief Revenue Officer:

Q: Why is Service so important in a business like Brkthru?

Tom: Marketers, from small businesses to larger organizations, need help sifting through a lot of the noise in our industry. Digital media is inherently complicated and constantly evolving. Brkthru is like a concierge to the complexities of ad tech, providing white-glove service making sense of it all, and providing support to our clients. And we provide access to services and platforms that technology providers don’t. 

Q: What does Service mean to you?

Tom: Good service is putting your customer’s needs at the front: addressing those needs in our recommendations, being overly communicative, and being efficient throughout the whole process. A customer should feel like they are heard AND they are important – that is what service means to me, and I know that’s what Brkthru delivers. 

Q: How is Service a competitive advantage for Brkthru?

Tom: Each client is assigned a Brkthru team of digital media experts in their field, not just one person wearing many hats. This team is from multiple departments of Brkthru, working every day for every client on their campaigns:

Client-facing leadership and support from Client Success and Client Services, a Strategy team providing audience, industry and media insights, the Media team building and optimizing the campaign, and an Analytics team to help with proper campaign setup, reporting and insights during and post-campaign. From my experience in the industry, this is exceptional. I know our clients feel this in a very tangible way. 

Q: In an industry dominated by tech, can Service make a difference?

Tom: Many marketers are intrigued by the impact that data and technology can bring to their business. The issue is that the ad tech landscape is complicated, and in some cases, difficult to access (due to spend minimums, etc.). We find at Brkthru that so many organizations benefit from a service layer that functions as an aggregator or curator of all the tech that exists. We put together a solution using the appropriate tech and media channels for the desired business outcome. At Brkthru, we take a holistic approach to developing a digital media plan.

If you’re an advertising agency or marketer on the client side and are interested in learning more about Brkthru’s approach to service in the world of paid digital media, please reach out. We know clients need and want a partner who listens, and at Brkthru “we’re all ears.”

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