Travelers are Ready to Go Again! Are You? 

Whether to a favorite vacation spot or an exciting, new destination, we love to travel. Travel that was on the backburner due to unprecedented times is now moving back to the forefront. When looking at a survey conducted by Statista in 2022, we noted that compared to 2019 more than 33% of travelers spent less time traveling and postponed trips or spent ‘staycations’ at home. But that’s rapidly changing. While more than 51% of travelers indicated Covid-19 permanently impacted their travel, many trips are being planned again, and beach vacations are seeing the highest increase. Statista expects tourism and travel markets to recover by 2023. 

If you’re a travel and tourism marketer, you need action now. With our extensive experience with destination, attractions and event clients, we are ready to help you to reach travelers itching to get back on the road. Consider some of these facts when planning:

  • One third of travel inspiration comes from social media sites (Statista 2022)
  • The average American spends 176 hours scrolling social media for travel ideas (Motel 6 Annual Travel Study)
  • Sharing travel photos on social media is the new postcard. 60% of all travelers share photos on social sites, and 97% of Millennials do!

TikTok and Instagram are ideal social media platforms for driving vital awareness when travelers are exploring destinations. Search Engine Marketing gets in front of travelers when they’re close to deciding and ready to book. 

So, whether you’re promoting in-state, cross-country or international destinations, attractions or events, interest in travel will soar to new and exciting heights, and now’s the time to get ready. Reach out to start a conversation. 

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