Brkthru Overall Client Satisfaction Increases to 92%

It’s startling to read that according to Forbes, businesses lose $338.5 billion every year due to bad customer service. Customers with positive experiences talk about it with seven people on average. However, customers with negative experiences share with an average of 12 people. Ouch!

Client turnover is high in the advertising business (the average tenure of an agency-client relationship is just 2.5 years), so it’s surprising that more agencies don’t measure their Client Satisfaction (CSAT) on a regular basis. At Brkthru we do – every year. Clients want a partner who listens, and we’re all ears.

We are proud to report that this year our overall CLIENT SATISFACTION SCORE increased by 7 points, to 92%.

And once again we saw score increase in nearly every category, including media planning, digital media expertise, communication and attention to detail.

As a company founded on service, we believe it’s vital to hear from our clients because a CSAT:

  • Identifies unsatisfied customers and those that are happy
  • Helps prioritize areas for improvement and leads to investments in talent and resources
  • Powers internal processes
  • Brings in leads and helps close sales
  • Attracts talent, especially those who want to work with happy clients
  • Flatters clients by just being asked

This May will be the fifth anniversary of when founders Andrew Sklerov and Jeff Hastedt had the vision to start Brkthru, and our high CSAT scores prove their dream and this business model based on service is working.  We thank our clients who participated, and for those who want to learn more about our commitment to client satisfaction, reach out and we’ll gladly share more details.