The Power of Analytics at Brkthru

It’s often recently reported that 75% of marketing organizations in the United States DO NOT have an analyst on staff – and that includes ad agencies, media agencies and corporate marketing departments At Brkthru, on the other hand, our Data & Analytics team works closely with every client and every campaign. Why is this so important?

  • The CMO Survey by Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and sponsored by Deloitte LLP and the American Marketing Association reports that the percentage of marketing budgets companies plan to allocate to analytics over the next three years will increase from 5.8% to 17.3%—a whopping 198% increase.
  • The survey also found that only 1.9% of marketing leaders reported that their companies have the right talent to leverage marketing analytics. 
  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics this role will grow 23% by 2026, which is faster than average. As more and more companies realize the need for market research and data insight, there will be a greater demand for these marketing analyst professionals

The bottom line? Good data analysts, like good data, are hard to find – but not at Brkthru. Our skilled marketing analysts account for more than 10% of our team, and they work full-time on every one of our client’s campaigns.  What’s our approach to Data & Analytics?

  1. Understand and align on brand, marketing and campaign goals and KPIs BEFORE the campaign begins
  2. Track, analyze and optimize every campaign every step of the way
  3. Evaluate data and communicate insights, campaign implications and recommendations, not just report facts
  4. Craft insightful monthly and end-of-campaign reports
  5. And unlike many of our competitors, we provide CAMPAIGN ANALYTICS at NO EXTRA COST

The data challenge companies face today is not the amount of marketing and ad campaign data, which is often abundant, but rather knowing how to use it. There’s no such thing as unusable data. The challenge comes from needing several different skillsets to extract and produce the desired results.

The other part of the challenge is knowing who needs what information and when. It’s a constantly shifting set of goal posts when it comes to timeliness and accessibility of information. Simply dumping a pile of numbers on someone is not helpful. This is the frustration people feel around having “useless data”. It’s not useless, it’s just in the wrong hands. 

What’s needed for “some insights”:

  1. Someone to ask the right questions
  2. Someone to gather, organize and clean the data
  3. Someone to analyze, test and visualize the data. Do more digging and research.
  4. Someone to interpret, determine implications and make recommendations
  5. Someone to present the findings

We at Brkthru pay careful attention to all of these steps. Data and insights are a challenge for organizations as much as technical skill. In other words, you (or your agency) may have lots of data, but do you know what to do with it? At Brkthru, we tailor to your needs. Reach out to us for a deeper discussion about how and the power of Data & Analytics.