Home Remodeling, Repair & Maintenance Media Tactics to Keep Handy

As we move into Spring, consumers are looking to make seasonal changes, upgrades, and repairs to their homes and properties. In a space where general contractors, remodelers and handymen can be effortlessly contacted through apps like Thumbtack, competition for these customers can be intense and expensive. Q2 and Q4 are make-or-break and high sales-seasons for repair, remodeling and maintenance services, so they need to maximize that demand.

When considering media tactics for a Contractor or Home Maintenance business, it’s vital to think local and target based on specific needs. While a five-mile radius may seem hyper-local, that radius could encompass apartment complexes, single-family homes, hotels, and businesses that all have unique needs when in need of a handyman. One size doesn’t fit all.

That’s why Brkthru goes one step further. We can target down to the exact property line based on a number of factors that will impact what a customer actually needs. Does the home have exterior wood siding? Is the roof made of shingles? What year was the home built? How long has the owner been at the address?  Is the property owner-occupied or a rental?

All these factors impact who could use repair, remodeling and maintenance services, and what they actually need. At Brkthru, we can curate a custom audience based on the attributes a contractor needs to target – and eliminate those they don’t – helping make $1 work like $10. A pool maintenance company doesn’t have the same audience as a roofer, landscaper or kitchen and bath remodeler – and through our custom curation solution we can make that distinction before an advertiser spends a penny. 

Interested in learning more about the exact parameters Brkthru can use to reach the exact type of property you need? Shoot us a message for more YES.