Our Top 5 Digital Trends for 2022

Critical changes in digital media are tied directly to privacy, the future of TV, digital out-of-home, streaming audio, and social media shifts. You may feel like you’re up to speed, but the digital landscape is constantly changing. Here’s what to expect.

  1. Privacy isn’t Slowing Down. Anticipate everything from Meta removing detailed targeting, Mobile App privacy requirements and more. At Brkthru, privacy will be an ongoing conversation with clients.
  2. Channel Hopping: The pandemic accelerated the shift to OTT as users looked for new content. OTT will continue to build momentum in 2022 for advertisers and will be the primary way audiences watch TV.
  3. DOOH is Booming. Out-of-Home on digital screens provides greater flexibility to launch, scale spending, and switch creative. Given this, brands are adopting DOOH strategies for their 2022 media mix.
  4. Music to Our Ears. US digital consumers spend more time streaming audio working from home or going about their daily routine. Podcast listening is mainstream.
  5. Social Media Shifts. Meta’s US ad growth remains strong despite negative press and privacy changes. Snapchat and TikTok will use viral commerce to gain ground.

If you’re looking to evolve your 2022 digital media approach, reach out to Brkthru – we’ve got our finger on the pulse of what’s next!