The Power Behind Creative Messaging

In the last 20 years, as technology and digital advertising have evolved it has become vital to choose your creative messaging wisely.

When running a Facebook campaign, you only have 125 characters to get your message across, and for a Native campaign, you only have 90 characters. With Display, Audio, and Pre-Roll campaigns also having space and time constraints it shows the importance needed to create the perfect advertisement.

In our consumer-driven world, we are so often inundated with advertisements day in and day out that we often overlook those advertisements on the side of the screen, in our newsfeed, or before our videos. As society continues to evolve, people are drawn to advertisements that draw from the true ethos of a brand. People don’t want to be blatantly sold- they want to feel connected and in touch with a brand and its purpose. This doesn’t need to come from a big-budget, flashy catchphrases, or the dreaded clickbait. It comes from taking the time to talk through what your audience is looking for, who they are.

As the world gets more digital and advances with technology, just take a step back and remember people don’t want to be just another number or sale they truly want to be valued and appreciated.