Norfolk, VA: Our Largest All-Company Offsite

Bringing together 160 team members from across the country this week for our Spring semi-annual All-Company Meeting marked a milestone as our largest get-together ever. We welcomed more than a dozen new employees who joined Brkthru since our Fall 2023 meeting, we learned of major new initiatives to even better serve our clients, we embraced our 2024 goal that we’re already well on our way to, we collaborated for in-person team work, got our heart rates up with a few energizers, celebrated numerous wins and achievements, demonstrated our competitiveness with rambunctious Beer Pong and a game of Brkthru Jeopardy, and more important than all, enjoyed each other’s company and forged deeper bonds.

Brkthru is a virtual company, and we believe getting together in person throughout the year for All-Company Meetings, department offsites, training classes, team and leadership meetings is so important. It’s a chance to re-connect and bring to life our important core values of Trust, Communication, Positive Attitude, Caring and Contribution.

2024 is already off to a great start, and we feel even more optimistic it will be our best Brkthru year so far!