Service Defined – The Brkthru Way

At Brkthru, we firmly believe our people are our intellectual property. We don’t hold patents on proprietary technology and our trade secrets can, in theory, be replicated by anyone. In fact, we’ll willingly share the key ingredient. What makes Brkthru, and our people, so remarkable? One singular word – service. 

Service can be defined in various ways. Merriam-Webster cites at least 14 definitions. These are five of ours.

Service means honoring your team. Best-selling author and Wharton professor Adam Grant once stated, “The most meaningful way to succeed is to help others succeed.” We start from within as a foundational measure. Treating our colleagues with a high degree of respect and consideration directly correlates to how we interact not only with clients, but also with others in our lives. Honoring each other has a profound impact on our well-being, with ripple effects that positively influence us professionally and personally.

Service is an altruistic spirit. While we’re all compensated for the work we do, service means giving without expectation of immediate return. This shines through in the offerings we provide before any business is promised or awarded – whether an audience analysis, competitive brief, or audit of a client’s existing advertising efforts. We also seek to add value in the industry information we share in our newsletter, on our blog, and throughout our social channels. 

Service isn’t perfunctory. It equals generously meeting the need, plus giving a little bit more. It’s the mint on the hotel pillow, a glass of champagne at the salon, photos of your pup from the dog sitter, or a handwritten note in a package. Lagniappes, those extra gifts, are our baseline. It’s not merely delivering on the ‘ask,’ but anticipating it whenever possible. It’s working to streamline, remove the hassle, and help our colleagues and clients operate with ease.

Service embodies the human touch. Our clients won’t hear us grandstanding about the latest in ad tech or using industry jargon to bolster our egos. But they will hear us asking about the vacation they recently took, how their kids are doing, or whether they’re excited about anything on the horizon. They’ll see us intently listening. And maybe they’ll share a laugh with us. Service means warmth, attentiveness, and genuine caring.

Service sees the bigger picture. Most people in the workforce aren’t full-time philanthropists. But that doesn’t mean we can’t experience the joy in helping others. Undeniably, our commitment to service allows our company revenue to grow, but also the revenue of our clients. And that growth creates opportunities, fuels jobs, and helps our clients support their people, their lifestyles, and their families. 

The way we not only define service, but act in service, creates enduring and rewarding relationships with our clients, partners, and each other. That is the Brkthru way and the formula for success.

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