Brkthru @ TikTok

Brkthru is honored to have been selected as one of only a few agencies in North America to participate in TikTok Immersion Day. Members of the Brkthru leadership team – Tom Leone, VP of Media Services; Tom Connelly, CRO; Jonathan Mellinger, COO; and Karen Cuce, VP of Strategy – spent the day with TikTok representative, Erica Riordan, and team in NYC. 

Their discussion focused on emerging in-platform solutions, methods for enhanced measurement and attribution, as well as opportunities for ongoing learning and education. Thank you to our valued partners at TikTok. Opportunities like these are just one of the many ways Brkthru keeps up with the pace of digital media.

If you’re an advertiser or an agency that manages campaigns for your clients, reach out to the digital media pros at Brkthru to learn more.