ChatGPT: Our Thought Bubble

This technology is transformational, but delicate. It’s a tool, not a solution. It can provide a foundation, but will come up short as a deliverable. At best, it can be a starting point. At worst, it can be foolish or even dangerous.

While billed as a service, it is not a replacement for service. Chat-based A.I. will come short when put up against a group of thoughtful and smart professionals. Despite the fears some have voiced, ChatGPT is not going to replace marketers.

I originally set out to have ChatGPT write this piece, and then reveal that to the reader at the end, but it couldn’t come close. The factual inaccuracies, lack of detail, and over- generalizations were too much to overcome. The prompts that were necessary ended up practically becoming this piece itself.

View ChatGPT as a thought-provoking place to begin, just as you would Google, but be wary of veering further, for now. As with most “shiny objects”, it should be viewed with a critical, yet open-minded eye.

In summary, critical thinking and human integrity will not be replaced by convenience.

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