A Gen Z Glossary

Term MeaningExample
BaeStands for “before anyone else.” What Gen Zers use to refer to their crushes/partners/someone they think is attractive.Friend: “Are you guys dating?”
You: “Yeah she’s bae.”
Bet“Okay.” Is often used to agree with someone.Friend: “See you tomorrow, it’s going to be fun!”
You: “Bet!”
Big YikesSomething really embarrassing, disturbing or shocking.“Did you see Sarah’s mom yell at her yesterday? Big Yikes!”
Bussin’Something that is really good, delicious, or enjoyable.“This pizza is bussin’!”
CapAnother word for “lie.”Friend: “My date is a billionaire!”
You: “Cap.”
Catch These HandsThreatening to start a fight.“Get out of my way, you don’t want to catch these hands!”
CheugyDescribes someone, most often in an older generation, who is trying too hard to be trendy or in style.“Did you see that millennial try to do that dance? She’s so cheugy!”
DankSomething that is excellent, high quality, smells good and tastes good. “Those new Nike shoes look dank!”
DragTo criticize or make fun of something. Gen Z version of “roasting” someone. “That new SNL episode dragged the political system!”
DripA cool, sexy, or trendy sense of style.“Let’s go shopping for new clothes so we’ll have that drip at school tomorrow!”
E-boy/girlA boy or girl who is online frequently sharing their fashion sense, ideas, emotions, etc. Their Gen Z peers see them as hot & trendy. Friend: “Look at this tik toker who went viral.”
You: “He is such an e-boy!”
ExtraSuper dramatic and out there. Also used to describe someone who is trying too hard and/or overreacting.“Oh my gosh, she is wearing bedazzled shoes…so extra for school!”
FactsUsed to refer to something that is true or that you agree with.Friend: “Carl’s Jr has the best burger.”
You: “Facts!”
FamThis shortened form of family isn’t just the people you live with, it’s anyone close to you, anyone who’s got your back.“You got me, fam.”
FinnaWord for “going to.”“I’m finna eat, I’m starving.”
FinstaAn Instagram profile that Gen Zers keep on private to avoid parents or non-close friends from seeing it. “Did you see that crazy picture I posted on my Finsta? Didn’t want my parents to see, so I posted there.”
Flex Describes someone showing off, gloating, or parading around.“He is just driving around town, flexing his new car.”
FOMOStands for “fear of missing out.” The feeling you get when family or friends are doing something without you.“Seeing my friends on vacation together gives me FOMO.”
FrfrStands for “for real for real.” This phrase is used for emphasis, usually following a point. Teacher: “The test was not easy.”
Student: “Frfr.”
GhostedThe act of leading someone on and then completely cutting off communication without any explanation.“We texted for 3 weeks then she ghosted me.”
GuapA lot of money or cash. “I made guap at work today.”
I’m Weak or I’m DeadDescribing yourself as going weak or dying from laughing too much because of something funny.“That movie had me weak.”
LStand for “Loss” rather than a win.“The super bowl was tied until the end, what an L for the Eagles.”
Main Character EnergyA way that gen Z romanticizes life and describes someone who is good-looking, popular, and has a relationship, and money.“She was so fun to be around and she had main character energy!.”
No Cap Opposite of “cap.” Referring to something that is true. Usually used when trying to convince someone you’re telling the truth.“Bro, no cap, I ran 5 miles yesterday.”
Ok BoomerA catchphrase used to mock someone, usually older, for being dorky and having an attitude associated with baby boomers.“My mom told me I shouldn’t be on the internet so much and I was like, ‘ok boomer.'”
On GodMeaning that you’re swearing, “on god,” that something is true. “Bro, on God, I’m about to fall asleep.”
PeriodtMeant to add emphasis to the point being made, like the period at the end of a sentence.“She was so rude and I won’t let anyone tell me otherwise, perdiodt!”
Say LessA phrase that means “I’ve got the point.” Opposite of the traditional, “say more,” meaning you’re intrigued and want to learn more. When someone says, “say less,” they are on the same page and don’t need any more convincing.Friend: “Want to go to Chili’s…they have happy hour starting soon.”
You: “Say less, let’s go.”
Sending MeSimilar to “I’m weak,” or “I’m dead.” Meaning that something is either so funny, weird, or outrageous that it is “sending” you.“This new lady gaga outfit is sending me!”
ShadeInsult or trash talk.“Stop throwing shade, I didn’t do anything wrong!”
SkrillaPhrase for money.“She spent so much skrilla on that new purse.”
SlapsWhen something is exceptionally good or super relatable, you can say it slaps hard.“This new Drake album slaps!”
SlayMeans “good job,” or “killing it.” “She is slaying her new dance routine.”
SmolAnything tiny and super cute is called smol to induce an aww. “The puppy was so smol and cute.”
Snack/Whole MealA compliment on someone’s appearance.“You’re looking like a snack/whole meal today in that new dress.”
SnatchedMeans “fierce” or “on point,” particularly when it comes to someone’s hair, makeup, and physical appearance“Her new outfit has her looking snatched.”
StanOriginating from Eminem’s iconic song of the same name, ‘stan’ is the term used for the obsessive fans of a popular celebrity. It can also be used as a verb.Friend: “She’s a huge Taylor swift Stan.”
You: “I don’t really stan her.”
Sus Short for suspicious. “That story she told was sus.”
SwoleMuscular from lifting or exercising.“Looking swole.”
Take Several SeatsLike telling someone to “take a seat,” meaning that they are being wrong and need to sit down and shut up. “You just need to take several seats and be nicer.”
TeaMeans gossip and comes from the idea of sitting back over a cup of tea to do exactly that.“I haven’t seen you in so long, I have so much tea!”
This Ain’t It, ChiefSaid when you disagree or show disapproval of someone’s actions.“The way you handled that situation wasn’t it chief.”
TomatoWhat Gen Zers say when something is bad. Referring to the ancient practice of throwing tomatoes at performances that were bad. *watching a bad comedy stand-up*
Gen Zer: “Tomato, tomato.”
Understood The AssignmentGen Z praise for someone who gives 110% to what they’re doing; someone who goes above and beyond what’s expected.“Lady Gaga understood the assignment and put out a killer album.”
VibingA generic positive feeling that someone has about something. Can also be referring to being in a calm space.Friend: “What do you think of the new album?”
Me: “I vibe with it.”
WStand for “Win” rather than a loss.“The super bowl was tied until the end, what a W for the Chiefs.”
ZaddyA handsome, sexy, and well-put-together man who possesses stylish confidence. Gen Zer: “Pedro Pascal is Zaddy.”