Class in Session: Brkthru U Kicks Off in Norfolk

The inaugural class of Brkthru U took place December 5-9 in Norfolk, VA, as our week-long, immersive training program for new team members to learn the Brkthru Mission, Values, Brand, Culture and Operations – the Brkthru Way.

Brkthru U, led by Director of Learning & Development Courtney Jones, facilitators Jennifer Bird, Zoe Matthews and Shawn Dressler (with guest appearances by Andrew Sklerov, Brett Rendeiro and Jeff Petit) took new employees Jasmine Wolk, Stephen Back and Meghan Moore, joined by veterans Morgan Stroyeck, Dawn Hale and Emary Vasquez, through job aids, participant exercises, facilitator guides, training modules and videos.

The day-by-day course included:

Day 1 Brkthru U hits the ground running with Brkthru’s origin story and Core Values, business fundamentals and the Brkthru brand.

Day 2 Reminded us that everyone at Brkthru is in customer service – and we’re a group of talented people who know how to give a “smart yes.”

Day 3 We reviewed DiSC profiles and communication styles, so that we’re responsive, confident, clear, and concise. Trust is built in the small moments.

Day 4 Participants discussed how competencies are the connective tissue of our work at Brkthru – our campaign process, department overviews, team structure and having effective meetings.

Day 5 Graduation Day, where each participant was presented with their own Certificate of Achievement for having completed Brkthru U.

A final assignment for the week was for two teams of participants to create their own Brkthru U newsletter, recapping highlights, what they learned and key takeaways.

Participation in Brkthru U will ensure that all employees get off to a good start, and ultimately keep everyone at Brkthru U focused on what we do best for our clients – it’s SERVICE.

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