Digital Out-of-Home: A Shining Beacon Post-Pandemic

The rebound continues! Like many businesses, out-of-home advertising overall took a hit during the pandemic as many consumers sheltered at home and restricted their travel. 2022 continues to show a bounce back with out-of-home advertising, but the rising star is digital out-of-home (DOOH) ushering in a new normal. Consumers are reemerging, traveling, attending events, and commuting –– and brands are ready to engage with them in a real-world environment and context.

Out-of-Home advertising, boosted by Digital Out-of-Home, is the only traditional medium NOT to lose share of overall media spending in recent years. According to numerous industry sources, while TV and print have lost advertising dollars of 46% to 5% respectively over the past five years, and radio spending has remained relatively flat, Out-of-Home and Digital Out-of-Home have increased 5%.

US Advertisers will spend about $8 billion on OOH this year, up 12% year over year. Out of this spend, one third will go toward DOOH. By 2026, 41.3%, or about $4 billion of OOH spend, will go towards digital.

But why would you consider DOOH? It provides the flexibility and immediacy of digital advertising with the relevance of the real world without the production costs. Many DOOH screens carry ‘dynamic’ creative, which adjusts to the context of an individual screen and/or audience (such as current weather conditions, the time of day, traffic patterns, or the screen’s proximity to a store location). Digital options also provide more precision in targeting and granular measurement with access to real-time data. The ease of swapping ad creative includes greater speed to market as well as the ability for more frequent creative refreshes and messaging updates.

Further, DOOH offers broad reach and scale. 98% of consumers have visited a DOOH venue in the last 30 days. How ubiquitous is DOOH? Screens are everywhere –– not just on the roadside. Your customers will see them in Airports, Bars, Billboards, Casual Dining Restaurants, Convenience Stores, Colleges & Universities, Dispensaries, DMVs, Gas Stations, Movie Theaters, Office Buildings, Recreational Locations, Sports Entertainment Venues, Taxis and Ride Share Vehicles, plus many more.  

Lastly, DOOH yields an exponentially positive lift on your media mix:

  • DOOH can increase reach by as much as 303% when added to mobile or web messaging.
  • DOOH drives 4x more online search and social media activity per ad dollar spent than TV, Radio, or Print.
  • 62% of viewers engaged in mobile device actions after seeing a DOOH ad.

Have questions on how DOOH could help your business and campaign? We know one size doesn’t fit all. Brkthru will help you navigate the possibilities and reach your customers wherever their travels may take them.