Big Opportunities for Father’s Day ’22

If you’re responsible for marketing for a restaurant, golf course, movie theater, grocery store, sporting event or venue, here’s a heads up – Father’s Day 2022 is expected to be brisk for you this year. And now’s the time, and digital advertising is the best way, to get in front of those spending the most on gifts for Dad: Adults 18-44.

According to the National Retail Federation and other sources, Father’s Day was the #2 Sunday last year for Grocers and Supermarkets, with 18% more revenue and 12% more transactions, and the week of Father’s Day was the #3 week of the entire year. Seems like a lot of us are grilling out for Dad. Meat shops and butchers usually see a nice bump for Father’s Day weekend, and data confirms Saturday was the #6 day all last year at +115% consumer spending and 55% more transaction volume.

The Saturday before Father’s Day was also the #3 day of the year for Restaurants, with spending up 55% more than the average day.

Sporting goods stores see a nice lift all weekend, with Friday before being the #7 day of the year and Saturday #6. In fact, the week of Father’s Day was the 4th biggest week of the entire year for sporting goods stores.

25% of Father’s Day spenders plan to give “gifts of experience” such as tickets to a Sporting Event or Concert.  And37% are interested in extending the longevity of the celebration by gifting a sporting subscription box service.

With a week to go, those trying to reach Father’s Day gift givers need to act now, so reach out to us at Brkthru, because we’re on it 24/7.