Digital Media Consumption Post-COVID-19

Marketers and digital media buyers are no strangers to the conspicuous and compelling digital trends that came out of the COVID-19 shift in lifestyle and activity. The effects of the pandemic are wide-ranging and complex, but, in marketing terms, the past year made it clear that the consistent increase in CTV/OTT viewing isn’t a trend soon to be reversed.

According to eMarketer’s “US Time Spent with Media 2021 Update,” time spent with CTV increased over 33% in 2020, amounting to over 1:15 hours per day per viewer.

Clearly 2020 was an unusual, landmark year, and many performance trends won’t necessarily apply to 2021 or beyond. Regardless of how closely 2021 media consumption mirrors that of 2020, the message to advertisers in the digital space is clear—if you don’t yet have a trusted partner to help place media in the CTV/OTT space, then you are not yet capturing your audience’s valuable time and attention where they’re increasingly likely to spend it. Since some of us are still setting 2021 resolutions, one key space for growth is in familiarity with CTV/OTT players, publishers, and devices, so you can connect with your audience better than before.