Client Satisfaction Score: High Again for the 5th Year

At the start of each year since 2019, Brkthru conducts an annual client satisfaction survey, and this year the majority of our clients (more than 8 out of 10) were Extremely or Very Satisfied.

But, we don’t conduct a satisfaction survey for the accolades (although we are flattered when we see high scores). This is our opportunity to gauge what’s working for our clients and what needs improvement.

More than 50 of our most-active clients participated in the survey this year, which includes 20 multiple choice questions ranging from overall satisfaction to digital media planning, digital media buying, knowledge of their business, responsiveness and communication.

One of our highest scores once again is evidence of the Brkthru commitment to service, where we ask clients “How responsive is Brkthru to your requests, questions or concerns?” Nearly two thirds responded Extremely Satisfied with nearly another one third answering Very Satisfied.

Just as important to the scores in the multiple choice questions are the comments our clients share. “We love working with the Brkthru,” shared one client. “We feel like they are part of our team.”

One of our Core Values is Communication, so our Annual Client Satisfaction Survey is just one of the many ways we try to stay in touch with our clients. If you participated in this year’s Client Performance Survey, we say thank you. And if you have more feedback, We’re All Ears. 

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