Core Values in Action: Caring

10 members of the Brkthru team in Detroit and northwest Ohio dedicated time this week to sort clothing and stock pantry shelves at Capuchin Service Center during our “31 Days of Service” commitment to communities across the country.

The Capuchin Services Center assists 228,000 Detroit neighbors annually with emergency food and clothing. The Center features a shoppers’ choice food pantry resembling a small grocery store, complete with reach-in freezers and coolers, vegetable and fruit islands, bread and pastry racks. The food pantry distributes more than 10,000 pounds of food each day.

The clothing distribution area provides a “retail” feel to the shopping experience and distributes more than 1,700 articles of clothing each day. 

“31 Days of Service” commemorates Brkthru’s anniversary month by supporting its employees with the time off to give back to their communities. It’s another demonstration of how service is so important to Brkthru, who we are and what makes us different.