Making NonProfits Sparkle this Giving Season

The first “Giving Tuesday” was held in 2012 with the goal to encourage generosity to “unleash the power of the people and organizations to transform their communities and the world.” This November 29th will mark the 10th annual Giving Tuesday. Over the years, hundreds of millions of people have joined the movement to give and celebrate helping others. For companies like Brkthru, a great way to join this global movement is to donate either time or money to a local or global non-profit! For non-profits, it’s important to take advantage of the already heightened awareness of the giving season by leveraging digital advertising to attract both individuals and companies to contribute. 

Companies that are prioritizing giving back to the community are creating a culture of generosity and boosting employee morale. Positive employee morale has been shown to increase productivity and profitability by more than 20%, according to Business News Daily. By demonstrating a culture of giving, employees feel a positive sense of contribution as well as strong team-building and bonding. Brkthru, founded with a culture centered on core values like Caring and Contribution, puts this into practice. In fact, in our inaugural month of service this year, Brkthru provided paid time off for participating in community service events. 

As Giving Tuesday and the holiday season roll around, non-profits have an opportunity to use advertising campaigns to reach potential volunteers. Brkthru’s team of experts, dedicated to giving back, always start with YES. Strategically utilizing the available budget to its full potential –– and helping nonprofits reach the right audience –– is priority. We understand that nonprofits rightfully allocate the majority of their earnings towards their causes, so it’s especially important for Brkthru to use each and every one of those dollars efficiently. 

We start by defining the non-profit’s target audience. Is this campaign aiming to generate group volunteer events? Let’s reach users in decision-making positions at companies with 50+ employees. Is this campaign aiming to generate donations online? Let’s run a social media or display campaign, reaching users who have expressed intent or desire to donate, and encourage them to visit the nonprofit’s website. Whether that audience is HR decision makers, CEOs of potential donor companies, or individuals who have expressed interest in donating time or money, Brkthru can help reach them. 

Next, we encourage non-profits to tailor ad messaging. Digital campaigns encouraging users and companies to volunteer time or donate money should include messaging that highlight the nonprofit’s brand, goal, ways to contribute, and benefits of contributing. Ways to contribute can include: volunteer time, financial donations, sponsorships of events or teams, etc. The benefits of these contributions include: boosting company morale, improving company image and of course, the financial benefits of tax deductions.

At Brkthru, we say YES to leading with our core values –– whether that’s contributing our time to worthy causes, or using our expertise to make the most from the investment of our nonprofit clients. Want to maximize this giving season for your organization? Give us a jingle. We’re all ears. 

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